Calligraphy Arts of Afghan Artists in Iran


Exhibition of calligraphy arts and paintings of Afghan artists, aka “Azure Pens” was held by Iranian National Commission for UNESCO on Dec. 21, 2018. It was attended by Ashraf Broujerdi, director of NLAI, Hojatollah Ayubi, Secretary General of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, Nasir Ahamdpoor, Afghanistan ambassador to Tehran, Mehmet Tashkan, Cultural Advisor of Iran to Turkey, and a reprsentative board from Tajikistan. With regard to the comon culture of Iran and Afghanistan, since establishment of Afghanistan Islamic Republic government, Iranian government has always tried to help this country in different fields.

For this purpose, some good cooperations have been formed between Iran and Afghanistan in cultural field. This exhibition was held in order to extend cultural interactions between Iran and Afghanistan and to bring about a condition in which Afghan artists would showcase their artifacts and to boost and to encourage incentives for work and live in the youth who are living far from their homeland.



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