Malik Library & Alzheimer’s Association


A special tour of the Library of Malik National Museum of Iran was held for patients with Alzheimer’s and their escorts. The special cultural program of Library of Malik National Museum of Iran to hold educational tours for the patients with Alzheimer’s through holding two special tours with participation of two groups of “patients with Alzheimer’s” and “sensitive people with likelihood of suffering from Alzheimer’s, is a new effort of this library to serve special classes of the society with a museum-therapy approach. These two groups with pre-planned goals and in cooperation with the Iran Alzheimer’s Association have been chosen as sample groups for appraising how comprehensive and pervasive are the cultural-historical trainings through purposeful museum-based visits. The greatest cultural endowment of Iran seeks for offering new services to the special classes of the society such as the working children, orphans and patients, especially those suffer from Autism and Alzheimer’s. Before starting tours and during some sessions, he expert of Iran Alzheimer’s Association proposed trainings about definition of dementia and also some explanations about the most prevalent form of dementia (i.e. Alzheimer’s) and its various types and the effective factors in suffering from dementia. The mutual cooperation between the library of Malik National Museum of Iran and Iran Alzheimer’s Association would be continued in this regard and patients with Alzheimer’s and sensitive people who would take it will enjoy the cultural programs of this museum in the framework of predefined programs.


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