Iran Public Libraries Standards


Faramarz Masoudi | Developing standards for Iran’s public libraries is among the important programs launched for the first time by the Library and Information Science Association of Iran (ILISA). The Program calls on ILISA to develop appropriate standards for public libraries across the country.
Iran Public Libraries Foundation (IPLF) – a public institution financed by the regular governmental budget – is responsible for establishing, renovating, financing, governing, and promoting public libraries at the national level. The Foundation is tasked to finance the entire program, which started in October 2017, and is expected to be completed in 14 months. The program comprises 7 phases, 5 of which have already been completed. In the second phase, all relevant national, regional, and international major instruments and documents (including UN documents, e.g., SDGs) have been studied in order to extract and formulate the necessary provisions with regard to the mission, functions, and goals of Iran’s public libraries. In so far as SDGs are concerned, the main objective is to standardize the processes and services of the country’s public libraries – already a work in progress. As part of the Program, relevant stakeholders have been identified and the data for around 11000 public libraries at the national level have been gathered. Moreover, 12 expert meetings at various levels, inclusive of a nation-wide round-table, have been held to assist the process.
The Program, as per the agreement between ILISA and IFLA, enjoys the support and endorsement of the IFLA International Advocacy Program (IAP).


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