Nominees for Noofe Award


Supporting by Peydayesh Publishing House, Noofe Literary Award has been launched in 2018. The jury of the award is composed of real entities of publishing industry, speculative fiction writers and literary activists.

This award is seeking for improving the qualitative level of Persian speculative fiction books. Five finalists of young-adults speculative fiction section were Mahdi Rajabi’s Bardia and Goolakhs, Javad Rahnam’s A Bear Who Smokes Pipe, Hamid Shahabadi’s Vertical Cemetery, Bita Husseini’s Karen and five Wonderful Cities, and Tina Jamali’s Mysterious Elixir in the Abandoned Factory.

The closing ceremony of Noofe Literary Award based on Speculative Fiction, attended by a group of writers and translators, was held in the Roudaki Hall of Qasr Garden Museum on Jan. 2019. The winners of each section were introduced in this ceremony. The jury failed to grant any award to nominees of the Children and Young Adults section and it only appreciated Javad Rahnama’s A Bear Who Smokes Pipe, Published by Hoopa Books.


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