Exhibition on “Iran at the Beginning of the 20th Century”


The Exhibition on “Iran at the Beginning of the 20th Century”, displaying historical documents and images about Iran collected by Lambert Molitor, opened on April 29, 2018 at the National Library and Archives of Iran. The collection covers the documents from the 1902-1928 periods. Mrs. Ashraf Boroujerdi, Director of the National Library and Archives of Iran, said in her opening remarks: “This collection, now unveiled for the public, belongs to a man who had an active and effective role in reviving Iran’s cultures and customs.” Mr. François Delhaye, the Belgian Ambassador in Tehran, also said in his brief words that “the Exhibition illustrates the long history of cooperation between Iran and Belgium.” Mr. Michel Molitor, a grandson of Lambert Molitor, also attending the opening ceremony, expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Iranian people and government in organizing the Exhibition. In his view, the collection presents a good picture of the services Lambert Molitor and his brothers August and Camille made to Iran in those days. He said: “It is happy day today; these documents and images show how much a man loved a country he didn’t belong to. This is the story of his teachings – for you and for us.”


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