Iran National Archive Fans Festival


The first student festival of Iran National Archive fans was held through cooperation between NLAI and Tehran City Education Department General Jan. 28, 2019.

The festival’s main objective was increasing copertion between education system and NLAI and increasing knowledge of the current generation. Holding two workshops about how to keep and maintain documents and how to recognize and read documents, a visit to the main Iran National Archive Building weekly for three months were among the schedule of visitors of this festival. After holding the predetermined schedules of this festival, the visitors were tested and the top ones were appreciated.

In this festival, Ashraf Broujerdi, director of NLAI said that the education organization is an entity which can be used to deepen the culture of paying attention to documents in the society. She also emphasized the necessity of more cooperation between education organization and NLAI in order to enhance and encourage the current generation.


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