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iBulletin was born last year, in these days. As I ex- plained through the editorial of the first issue, What I Talk about When I Talk about iBulletin, the story of de- velopment of this journal dates back to 2015 and IFLA 2015; a time when there was no refer to “Iran” in the reports prepared about different activities on the librari- anship across the world. It was due to lack of any infor- mation and sufficient reports about Iranian activities in English. I have explained in detail about it in that edito- rial and now I just want to point to this fact that after returning from that conference (in cape Town, South Af- rica) we tried to solve the problem.

Fortunately thanks to the cooperation of National Li- brary and Archives of Iran (NLAI) and Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA), this wish was fulfilled and a group of interested people volun- teered for launching a journal in English which reflects new activities on books, libraries and librarians.

Since then eight volumes of iBulletin have been pub- lished and honorably we are celebrating the first anniver- sary of iBulletin now.

It is our pleasure to announce that we have been suc- ceeded to publish two special editions in this period:

1) IFLA Special issue (concurrent with the IFLA’S conference in Malaysia 2018) which dealt with Iranian activities about IFLA (Including translation, contribu- tion, membership, etc.) and

2) A special issue for the Information Sciences Experts congress which dealt with the greatest convention of Ira- nian librarians. Also it is our pleasure to say that today with a relatively high circulation iBulletin is available for many people and libraries across the world. Various libraries throughout the world, embassies of different countries in Iran, Iranian embassies to different countries

and those libraries which have signed MOUs with NLAI are among subscribers of iBulletin.

In this period of time, we have tried to cover events of this field as best as we could. To do so, all news agen- cies’ portals and Iranian news sources are scrutinized at the end of each month, then the selected news, which

are parallel with iBulletin policies are chosen through a survey from all of the editorial board. After that, each member of the editorial board summarizes and standard- izes one or more news for the foreign audiences (for ex- ample the specific names are checked or an explanation is added to news).

After collecting all news and articles they will be con- trolled by the editors in chief and then the final text is

sent to the translator. After translation, contents are con- trolled and edited one more time. It is followed by page layout and finally publishing and distribution. The whole process lasts roughly 45 days.

All contents will be available on the iBulletin website, so we can have visitors, without any form of limitations, from all over the world. Also, we are going to publish iBulletin in Arabic, as well and make it available for our neighbors and Arab-language libraries and librarian groups and to improve and extend our interactions with them. In this way, opinions and suggestions of you, our endeared readers, would be deeply appreciated and wel- comed.

I would like to thank our colleagues in the National Library and Archives of Iran and the Iranian Library and Information Science Association for their support and encouragement. It is hoped that the successful experi- ence of one-year publishing of the iBulletin would be continued in the coming years as a way to reflect some parts of Iran’s knowledge and culture. It is trying to un- cover more aspects of developments occurred in the field of books and librarianship for non-Persian language au- diences in the next year. To do so, receiving the valuable feedbacks from all of our audiences (readers) from all around the world would be valuable.

Finally, we are tasked with saying thank you to all people who helped iBulletin within the last year: Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA), National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI),Iranian Public Libraries foundation (IPLF) and you, the great and endeared reader of iBulletin from anywhere in the world. Stay in Touch With Us!

Best Wishes

Fatemeh Pazooki


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