Greece Ambassador in NLAI


Dimitri Alexandrakis, Ambassador of Greece to the IR. Iran, met Ashraf Broujerdi, [Head of NLAI] on May 15, 2019. In the beginning of the visit, Broujerdi welcomed her guest and pointed to the long-standing ties between Iran and Greece and said, “Since these two countries have an enriched and great history, this visit can be a starting point for more cul- tural interaction between the two countries.” Head of NLAI referred to the interna- tional headquarters and centers as the best spaces and places for making common an joint interactions and stated, “Iran and Greece both are members of such centers and they are also active in the fields of cul- ture, documents, digital resources, visual and audio resources and enjoy an interna- tional status and accordingly one can use the current condition to take joint decisions and making influences in such gatherings.” She referred to IFLA as one of the joint chap- ters of such discussions and added, “Since Iran and Greece both are members of IFLA, and so we can begin a common point in the field of exchanging knowledge and subjects which can be extracted from the written resources.” Later in this meeting, Dimitri Alexandra- kis thanked his host for paving the way for this visitation and pointed to the histori- cal alliance between Iran and Greece since early times and added, “Unfortunately, as the result of the great arson set in the Acropolis, many books and written docu- ments of the Greece were annihilated.” “After many efforts, we became able to revive the lost information through the valuable works of people like Avicenna,” Alexandrakis added.

On the sidelines of signing coopera- tion MOU between NLAI and Greece, Alexandrakis stated hopes that coop- eration and ties between Iran and Greece would be extended in the cultural fields


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