RDA in the Iranian Universities’ Libraries


The second meeting of the joint workgroup for launching RDA standard in the libraries of Shahid Beheshti University and Allama Tabatabaee University was held in the central library hall of Shahid Beheshti University on June 16, 2019.

“Libraries do not need to wait until a governmental organization or institute do something and then follow it, they need do it by themselves and formation of this workgroup is something good and we need to start the practical aspect of the work as soon as possible,”, Taheri [Head of Allama Tabatabaee University Library] said. According to the Haji Zainolabedini [Head of Shahid Beheshti University Library] proposition it was determined that an educational and training workshop to be held for the members of the group and also to make connections with the Iranian librarians who live out of Iran and are experienced in working with RDA to take advantage of their experiences.

Accordingly, the RDA committee has started to translate RDA standard. He added,Since the former standard has been removed and most libraries of the world are using RDA, we hope that, after the translation of the new one was published, the Iranian catalogers would be able to use it.


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