Turkey, China & Iran: Pull together


Following the meeting made between Ashraf Broujerdi, Iran’s [Head of NLAI], and the Turkey ambassador to Tehran, the inauguration ceremony of opening Turkey chamber to NLAI was held on April 17. The ceremony was attended by Broujerdi and Majid Khan, [the cultural ambassador of Turkey] to Tehran and a number of cultural authorities of both countries. In this chamber, books written by Turkish authors and also works which represent culture and traditions of Turkey will be showed. Likewise, in the first of May, the China chamber was opened by Broujerdi and Pang Sen, Ambassador of China to Tehran. China chamber covers many books on culture, society, etc. it is located in the Farabi Hall of NLAI. It is worthy to say that making Iranian acquainted with the culture and civilization of China, especially its recent achievements and developments, are of goals of launching this chamber. In the side of this meetting, a group consisting five Chinese civil activists was invited by the Iranian Embassy to  Beijing to participate in the 32Turkey, China & Iran: Pull together TIBF. During this visit, 20 title Chinese books translated into Persian were awarded to the Iranian floodstricken children.



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