Iranians in the True Story Award


The ceremony for the True Story Award, which is the first global journalism prize, is held in Berne, Switzerland, on August 31, 2019 and its three main winners will be announced. In this great event, whose aim is to make reporters’ voices known beyond the  borders of their home countries, 924 journalists from tens of countries have participated and have presented their works in Persian, Arabic, English, Russian, French, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and German. 39 reports in 12 various languages which have been published in NewYork Times, LeMond, The Süddeutsche Zeitung, BBC, etc. had reached the final stage of this competition.

In Persian language section, “Censor Traders” written by Alireza Gholami and Hassan Humaiun (Tajrobeh Magazin), “If you arrested in charge of murder and have no money” written by Fatemeh Karimkhan (ISNA) and “Telegram, the Shaken Popular” written by Tahereh Rahimi (Sedaye Parsi) have been nominated. The juries for the Persian language section are Amir Hussein Cheheltan, Muhammad Ghaed and Serguey Barseghian. Since 30 August, for three days, the nominees participate in the world festival of journalists and discuss about their works. 30,000 Switzerland Frank is paid to all of nominees


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