German University Professors in Iran


Besides introducing the Khaneh Ketab Institute and explaining about its activities, Niknam Husseinipour, the CEO of Khaneh Ketab Institute, explained about the international Book of The Year Award and how they receive books from other countries and how the books are analyzed. The German Group also paid a visit to the secretariat of Islamic Republic of Iran Book of the Year Award and got information about different parts of IBNA. This visit was attended by Armin Wildfeuer, [Professor of Koln University], Werner Schonik, Professor of Economics and social Sciences of the Koln University, Taissen, [chair of Politics School of Koln University], Manik, [Professor of Theology of Wien University, Sister Luvier, [a German Nun], Muhammad Ali Shomali, [Director of International Islamic Studies Institute], Seyed Muhammad Reza Moradi Mohaddeth, [successor and research deputy of International Islamic Studies Institute], Shojaeipoor, policy-making [director of Qom Peace and Religions Institute] and Taher Amini Golestani [public relations manager of religions conversation and international deputy of AlGerman University Professors in IranMustafa International University]


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