International Archives Week


Thanks to the efforts of the Archival services department of NLAI the International Archives Week was held in the building of National Archive of Iran on June 3 for a week. Concurrent with the commemoration of International Archives Week, Hamed Iranshahi, [the Director General of Archival Services of NLAI], unveiled the poster designed based on a sketch offered by International Council on Archives (ICA)

and said, “Holding various programs to commemorate IAW is a good opportunity to exchange knowledge for archivists.” Holding an exhibition about “cultural presence of Iran in the international events” and holding the First Congress on Archival Studies were among programs of this week. David Fricker [President of ICA]

in his message said: Our opportunity to collect our ideas, concerns and our achievements as Archives and Archivists and share it with the world. If we all get engaged and speak up together, we can shine a light on our work and our value to the world, promoting the importance of Archives but also developing a broader appreciation by everybody of the documentary heritage of humanity and why it matters during these times of rapid social change.


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