Visually Impaired People National Festival


Given the special status of Braille in meeting the informative needs and demands of the blind people and the gradual decline of its popularity in two past decades, especially in Iran, special attention of international organizations and treaties to maintain, extension and acknowledgement of this writing system and also the importance of recognition and introduction of Braille to the society,

the NLAI has decided to hold the National Festival of Article Writing for the visually impaired people with Braille. The first course of the festival with the motto of “Braille, A White Calligraphy as Wide as the Vision” will be held through three subjective pivots and with the aim of maintain and extending the Persian version of Braille, disseminating more information about Braille across the society, promoting and encouraging institutionalization of this system among visually impaired People. The sent articles will be appraised and ranked in terms of meeting orthography, Braille calligraphy and content. Visual impairment is a global public health problem. Worldwide, an estimated 45 million people are blind, and an additional 135 million are severely visually impaired.


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