Iranian Institutes in Web Ranking System


According to the newest report of NEMA System, the status of the Iranian Institutes in the web ranking systems in 2018 was published. Also, in this report the procedure of annual ranking of Iranian institutes in such systems has been reported. Ranking of universities’ webs, ranking of research centers’ webs, ranking of universities are based on Google Scholar citations and the global rankings of webs of universities and colleges are among the key pivots of this report. According to the new report of NEMA system,

the number of Iranian universities among the list of the best “Webometrics” has reached to 607 institutes. Moreover, 188 Iranian institutes are among the best world institutes based on the citations of Google Scholar. According to the Webometrics report, number of Iranian research centers in the ranking system of webs of research centers has reached to 72 research centers. Also, 307 Iranian universities are in the inventory of the best options of uniRank. Through launching Status of Iran Science, Technology and Innovation in the World (NEMA) system, IRANDOC tries to monitor the results of various systems of analyzing science, technology and innovation and then to prepare different practical reports for the policy makers. NEMA system is available for all in


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