Iranian Universities in Times Ranking


Times Ranking website published the list of the best Asian Universities in 2019. 4 Iranian universities are among the 100 best Asian Universities. Muhammad Javad Dehghani, Director of ISC, said, “Times Ranking Website is one of the most valid ranking systems in the world, which for the first time 2013 started to rank Asian Universities along with its other international rankings. The Asian ranking of Times in 2019 covers 417 universities from 27 countries.

Tsinghua University from China ranks first among the other Asian universities. Singapore National University and Hong Kong Science and Industry University rank second and third, respectively.

There are 29 Iranian universities in this list. Iran has grown considerably not only in terms of number of universities, but also in terms of its ranking in 2018. Noushirvani University, Babol, with ranking the ranking of 43 is the first one among the Iran universities and it is followed by Amir Kabir University of Technology (80) and Sharif University of Technology (86). In this list, Kashan University with the ranking of 99 is the fourth Iranian excellent university.


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