Commemoration Ceremony of Touran Mirhadi


Touran Mirhai (1306-1395) the expert and professor of Children literature, expert of education and training, was one of founder of CBC and one of great cultural figures of Iran who worked more than 60 years in education, children culture and children literature fields and she was one

of influential characters in this regard. Since 1979, she was directing compilation and writing the “children and young adults dictionary.”In 2017, Mirhadi was nominated to gain Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Two Discourses about Educational Libraries and their Role in Development of Reading Habit, the Workbook of Children Instructors, the Annual Plan of Instructors in Kindergartens, Searching in Ways and Methods of Training, who went, who came are some books of Touran Mirhadi. The commemora-

tion ceremony of 92nd birthday of Touran was held by CBC and The World’s Children Research Institute in cooperation of NLAI. In the beginning of the ceremony, Noushafarin Ansari [secretary of Iran CBC], welcomed the guests and explained about the historical activities and thoughts

of Touran. “Mirhadi handed us a valuable legacy to us and it leaves us with two questions. First, where we are now? And second, how can we transfer this valuable legacy to the next generations?” she said. In this ceremony, Naser Yusefi [Director of World’s Children Research Institute], as the representative of the holders of the ceremony and Pendar Khomarlou [Son of Touran], as the representative of her family, thanked hosts and guests of the ceremony and her birthday cake was cut and distributed by the speakers.


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