iBulletin in another’s eyes!


Huanwen Cheng

Distinguished Iranian librarians and experts as a member of IFLA governing board! I would like to say iBulletin is a wonderful window of the ILISA and the National Library and Archives of Iran. Through this window we can see the important roles that the Iranian library and information community played in the world. The people empower it by the Iranian libraries, and we can also hear the voice of the Iranian library and information profession. A Strong and united library field is able to power literate, in- formed and the participated society. Iran is a great country with ancient civilization and the great libraries. Let’s come together for our global vision and our bright future. I sincerely wish the congress of library and Information science of Iran a great success. Thank you very much

Professor and University Librarian Sun Yat-sen University Library

Peter Lor

Thank you for alerting me to your iBulletin. I can see it, but unfortunately I can read only the headings. The print of the articles is too small. Also, you are using one of the fashionable grey fonts, much loved by web designers, which are themselves not very legible.
I did note that there was an article by Ms. Poori Soltani, whom I met years ago at IFLA and also
when I visited Iran in around 1996. Please convey my greetings to her.
With best wishes to the editors of your journal.
Kind regards
Peter Lor, MBibl, DPhil. Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria

Ibrahim Ramjaun

Dear iBulletin team Peace be with you all

Thank you for sharing the iBulletin on Library and Information Science and librarians in Iran with us. I have really enjoyed reading it and learnt so much from the library development there.

Keep up the good work.


yours sincerely Ibrahim RAMJAUN Librarian,

NL of Mauritius.

Mohan Lal 

Congratulates to our dear friends in Iran, iBulletin group. I enjoy to read your papers. Looks great with useful information. Please add me to your subscribe list.
Mohan Lal
Te Wānanga o Aotearoa University Library



Gloria Pérez-Salmerón 

Dear Colleagues,
Congratulations! I’m glad to welcome the iBulletin of the Iranian Library and Information Science Association’s Broadcast Incorporate with the National Library and Archives of Iran. I appreciate very much that Iranian Libraries and information professionals will have news about Iranian Library community activity at the national and international levels and keep updating themselves on access to information and Library environment and IFLA’s projects development at the global arena well. Have a very nice day.


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