Child Labor Exhibition in NLAI


With the aim of making children labor with the atmosphere of libraries and institutionalizing the culture of reading among such children, National Library of Iran intends to hold an exhibition of works created by children labor in this organization. Every year, for different occasions and excuses including the world day of children, the week of books, Yalda Night etc. some cultural plans and educational workshops are held for children and young adults in the national library of Iran.
However, this time, children labor and children with improper parents are supposed to be invited into the National Library of Iran in order to make them familiar with environment and atmosphere of the library, which is a useful step to help intellectual growth of children.
Accordingly, various and attractive plans and programs have been predicted for these children and it has been supposed that their drawings and paintings, titled “library as safe place for children” which are showed to be collected and finally an exhibition to be held in the NLAI.


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