Librarians in IPLF Storytelling Festival


Regarding the importance of storytelling in transferring educational concepts to children and young adults and in order to intensify the storytelling skills among the librarians of the public libraries of the country, the first Storytelling Festival of Iran Public Libraries Foundation was held through releasing a call-for in November 2018.
Accordingly, the participants sent their storytelling multimedia file on the subject pivots of the festival in order to participate in this festival.
In the closing ceremony of the festival, Alireza Mokhtarpour, the Secretary General of Iran Public Libraries Foundation, said, “Since children and young adults showed a good inclination to libraries, librarians need to strengthen the skill of making relations with the audiences and storytelling is one of them. Storytelling helps librarians to transfer social and cultural concepts to children and young adults. All participants who were active in all steps of the festival are selected and are tasked with some heavier duties tomorrow.”
This festival was finished in June with introducing 4 winners and 3 selected ones.


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