NLAI: Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan


There was several international meeting were held in NLAI. The following are the most important ones.

•Rafat Masood, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Iran, visited different parts of National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI) in July 2019. Masood, who already has visited the library of Astan Quds Razavi (one of the largest museums and libraries of Iran) in Mashhad City, stated his happiness and said, “NLAI is a very nice place and I saw here very valuable books and references.” Masood described National Library of Iran as a very larger and richer library than Pakistan’s national library and added, “Most Pakistanis involve with the politics and their jobs and they do not pay attention to books. Moreover, reservoirs and the manner used to keep old books and archives are not as good as it must be, so we ask NLAI to start its cooperation and interaction to improve this procedure. In this regard, it is necessary to sign a MOU between Iran and Pakistan. It will help us to take advantage of valuable experiences of Iran on repair and maintenance of books and archives through holding educational workshops in this regard.” In this meeting, pointing to presence of various resources in Persian, English, French, German, etc, languages in the National Library of Iran, Broujerdi, the Director of NLAI, said, “There are 40,000 manuscripts in this place. Stating hopes about holding workshops and using knowledge and experiences of Iranian experts and professors in Pakistan, she said, “We believe that Pakistani nation’s heritage is ours and at the same time is the mankind’s, so we need to spare no efforts to keep and save them.”

•While appreciating the library’s management for paving the way for this meeting, in a meeting with Broujerdi, Director of National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI), Atagely Shamuradov, Turkmenistan’s Minister of Culture, said, “intensifying and extending ties with NLAI has been always one of our priorities, because library is considered as one of wealth resources and is thought as the second house of a nation.” He also said, “NLAI is one of the richest libraries of the world in terms of having archives and resources.” Pointing to the resources one may find in the national library of Turkmenistan, he said, “These resources can be useful in improving relations and ties between Iran and Turkmenistan. So, we are obliged to take advantage of Iran’s rich resources and archives.”

•Grayeli, Director General of head office of NLAI said, “There are deep cultural commonalities between Iranian and Indian nations and NLAI will take advantage of this as much as possible.” Abhay Kumar Singh, the Head of Iranian Cultural Center in India, along with an eight-member entourage including wives of Indian diplomats visited Grayeli and different parts of the organization on June 24. Welcoming the posted propositions, Grayeli emphasized the necessity of extension of relations between libraries of Iran and India. She also said, “Despite being separated from their common habitat because of ecological and geo-historical reasons, Iranian and Indian nations have deep cultural commonalities and it is necessary for NLAI to take advantage of this issue in order to strengthen relations across different arenas and aspects.” “NLAI is bedrock to produce science and knowledge and it appreciates scientists and development of discourses among cultures, especially those who have many commonalities with Iran,” she added. Later in this meeting, Abhay Kumar Singh, the Head of Iranian Cultural Center in India, said, “We ask and try to postpone the MOU signed between NLAI and National Library of India in Calcutta.” She also asked for implementation of certain articles of this MOU, especially those which are related to exchange of experts between libraries of Iran and India. Professor Kumar Singh also pointed to seminar of Panini, Sanskrit Grammar (works and thoughts, run in the last year and said, “National Library and Archives of Iran showed a good interaction and cooperation to hold this seminar and it is necessary to appreciate again the efforts of this organization in various fields.”


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