NLAI in anniversary of ICOM


According to the definition released by the ICOM, all international libraries, national archives and other related organizations are considered as museums, because they are a part of cultural, historical, artistic and natural heritage of mankind and must be protected, identified and introduced.
Accordingly, and as the results of Broujerdi’s supports, NLAI, for the first time, was recognized as a museum and became member of Iran’s National Museums Committee and along with its other activities it deals with transferring culture from a generation to another.
Announcing it, Ahmad Mohit Tababaee, Head of Iranian Museums’ National Committee, said, “For the first time, NLAI, as a museum, participates in the 12th course of selecting the best museum and will be evaluated by the jury. The ceremony for choosing the best museum of the country is held concurrent with the anniversary of ICOM establishment and participants will compete in different aspects such as management, creativity, making museums appropriate for handicaps, education, research, collection, visiting museums, introduction, keeping and protecting, applying physical and technical standards, efforts to survive and children and young adults to each other.


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