Summer Reading Campaign


Upon the end of schools’ examinations season, Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality, a public and non-governmental and independent organization whose budget is funded by the Tehran Municipality run a book reading campaign. Having certain facilities such as house of cultures, libraries, museums and other relevant cultural and artistic centers and facilities, this organization also held variable programs under the title of book reading for students of various age groups during summer.
“Four HodHod mobile bookstore buses (buses which are equipped with books for children, young adults and adults on different subjects and a librarian who consults people who are interested in books) organized their reading promotion plans and programs across various districts of Tehran. Holding gatherings of poem-reciting, and story-telling, making audiences familiar with the new published books and also with the authors and writers, free-of-charge membership in the libraries of Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality were among the plan followed in the HodHod mobile bookstore buses.”


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