Book Reading League for Marginalized People


With the aim of promoting reading, Book Reading League in Prisons was arranged in 2018. It was aimed at extending cultural justice, declining social harms, increasing social justice and equipping various social classes with country’s capacities and opportunities. The reading league was held for the first across ten provinces of Iran. According to this program, in certain times of the week, the inmates are gathered and discuss about books and they compete with each other in two sections: the best book and the best author from the viewpoint of inmates. Three to five selected works of each section are sent to Tehran where they will be analyzed.
another related programe on book reading was held in title “With Mehr to Mehr” Campaign in Tehran Book Garden, the largest complex of books and scientific entertainments of Iran, on June 20, 21 2019. It was attended by a number of cultural and artistic institutes, associations and publishers. People contributed in this campaign through purchasing books, toys and stationary.
The main purpose of this campaign is preparing and distributing cultural packages including books, toys and stationeries among children and students living in down town areas.


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