POL & the Greatest Literary Agency


During the 26th Beijing International Book Fair, a memorandum of understanding was signed between POL literary and Translation Agency and Rightol, the greatest literary agency of China, in order to start marketing for selling copyright of Iranian works in China. According to the MOU, in the first phase, 50 book titles of Iranian books, which would be proper for the China’s market, are selected by Rightol Agency, and will be introduced in favor of POL Literary Agency and they would be marketed for selling their copyright to the Chinese publishers.

On the other hand, POL Agency, in the first phase of this MOU, selects 30 Chinese books, which are proper for the Iranian Market, and introduce them in Iran and negotiates with the Iranian publishers to buy their copyrights.

Jafari Aghdam, Director of POL Agency, also announced about signing MOUS with two Chinese publishers, Educational Central Land and Jay Yu, with the aim of publishing 6 books and said, “In accordance with this agreement, Chinese publishers pay costs of translation and publishing of 1000 copies to Iranian publishers. Also, Chinese publishers translate and print 3 Iranian books.”

The 26th Beijing International Book Fair was held in a land as large as 106800 sq-ms in August 21-25, 2019. It was attended by more than 2600 publishers from 95 countries.

POL Agency, founded in 2005, is a full-service agent that translates Iranian books to other languages and represents Persian language publishers, authors and illustrators across the world.

POL Agency tries to introduce the Iranian books to the world through introducing and presenting them in the major international cultural events such as book fairs and also tries to sell their rights. It’s another mission is identifying and introducing useful books from other countries to be translated and published in Iran.


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