Iranian Candidate of Emerald Literati Awards’


It is for more than 25 years that Emerald Publishing Group awards the Emerald Literati Emerald Awards to researchers and juries in various scientific fields. The inclusion criteria of this award are the research must be international, comprehensive, supportive, effective, high-quality, respecting the audiences, creators and customers.

The award is granted in two categories: books and scientific journals.

In the scientific journal category, the valuable journals will be introduced as “winner” and “highly commended” by the outstanding reviewers. The joint paper of Joachim Schopfel and Behrooz Rasuli, Are electronic theses and dissertations (still) grey literature in a digital age. A FAIR debate, have been succeeded to win the title of “Highly Commended” of Emerald Literati Awards in 2019.

This article emphasizes that despite new technologies in the digital era, we can classify electronic dissertations and theses among the Gray Literature against the Black and White works. It is supposed that new tools such as digital things detector, internet, databases, etc. have challenged the traditional definition of these works.


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