ISO/AWI 34000


ISO/AWI 34000 is a model for appraising the maturity level of human resources processes in a single organization. ISO/AWI 34000 has 16 human resources processes which has 20,000 scores. It also includes 12 variables in the field of results and viewpoints of human resources which has 14,000 scores. It appraises organizational puberty in five levels and improves them. In this appraisal, it has been tried to appraise organization through different indicators such as satisfaction in the body of organization and the type of process which is conducted works.

The inventor of this standard is Aryan Qolipour and his colleagues from Human Resources Management Department of Management School of Tehran University who are trying to make it an international standard. It is the second time in which NLAI appraises its human resources using this standard. NLAI, which has participated in the former appraisal voluntarily, gained the bronze medal.

“Identification of outputs of the former appraisal led to identification of both weak and strength points of NLAI’s human resources. Hence, a new route was discovered in which NLAI is now able to work on its weak points and improves them. Now, we are waiting for issuance of the new appraisal results in order to compare them with the last year’s results,” Zendehdel, Director General of Planning and Organizational Inspection of NLAI said.


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