One Million Iranian Manuscripts in India


Persian font is very prevalent in the scientific resources of India and as Rabbani, Cultural Ambassador of Iran to India, says, there are 10 million manuscripts in the India, out of which about 1 million manuscripts had been written with Persian font. Mostly, there manuscripts are kept in the National Mission for Manuscripts, The National Archives of India, University of Calcutta, the Asiatic Society, the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Odisha State Museum, the KhudaBakhsh Oriental Public Library, Sri Pratap Singh Museum, and also Oriental Research Institute.

In a meeting on September 8, in which Rabbani visited Broujerdi, Director of the National Library and Archives of Iran, the latter said that currently NLAI has a MOU with India, which is valid by 2020, and NLAI tries to sign a MOU with National Library of India.

She also announced the NALI’s readiness to hold training workshops on repairing manuscripts, binding etc. for Indian officials. Broujerdi also emphasized on development and continuation of interactions for sending resources and written files, in the form of digital versions, between Iran and India libraries.


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