In order to meet goals and responsibilities of NLAI’s Provision Department General, Exchange and Award Group of NLAI started to exchange books with Shanghai Library IN July-August 2019. Accordingly, a total of 139 books about China’s culture and in the framework of Window of Shanghai were gained from that library.

Window of Shanghai is a cultural interchange project which has been started in 2003 by Library of Shanghai with the aim of introducing Chinese culture.

The Shanghai Library, which also houses the Shanghai Institute of Scientific and Technological, is the municipal library of Shanghai, China. It is the second largest library in China after the National Library in Beijing. At 24 stories and 348 feet (106 m) tall, it is the second tallest library in the world, as well as one of the largest.

The building has a tower that looks like a giant lighthouse. The Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei is the first modern library to have been established in Shanghai. It was established in 1847

Library of Shanghai with the land area of 127000 sq-ms has more than 56 million resources in Chinese and other languages.


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