The city I love


The city I love: Selected artworks of the Tehran’s children’s painting contest

with the aim of introducing today’s urban community with the wishes and ideals of the children and youths living in this metropolis, Tehran’s children’s painting contest which has titled “The city I love” was held.

Receiving more than 9.400 drawings with different techniques have attracted the jury’s attention. Jury members Noshafarin Ansary, Mohamadali Baniasadi, Jamal Akrami, Mahnoush Moshiri and Vahid Toufani evaluated the artworks in separate age groups and finally selected 140 top paintings among them to be granted rewards and honorary diploma.

Selected artworks of this contest have published in a book format at October 2019. At the beginning of the book, Tehran mayor Pirouz Hanachi in his message mentioned:
“Perceiving its children as a current citizens and creators of future, city respects, hears and appreciates their viewpoints. Such a city can awaken the sense of attachment to receive their admiration and children could have a dialog with the city and the city could see and hear their voice.”


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