Cultural Interactions: Iran & Belarus


With the aim of keeping alive the culture of donating books, Belarus National Library donated 23 Russian books to the Exchange and Donation Group of National Library and Archives of Iran Organization on October 2020. Book Donation Ceremony is a part of a cultural cooperation between Iran and Belarus with the aim of strengthening mutual traditional friendly ties. In the same direction, the Iranian ambassador to Minsk donated a collection of Persian, Russian and English books on history, literature, philosophy and culture to the Belarus National Library on December 2019. Likewise, on the sidelines of this cultural measure, which was held in the framework of Year of Book in the Belarus, the statue of great Persian scientist and poet Omar Khayyam was awarded to Roman Motulsky, the Director of National Belarus Library.

Locating in the city of Minsk, National Belarus Library with 22 stories and about 10 million resources is recognized as one of the most comprehensive libraries in the Europe. With a history about 90 years, this library is working on providing the documented heritage of Belarus people.

The published documents in Belarus since early 19th century, the published works on Belarus and valuable foreign copies are kept in this library. Out of works are kept in this library we can point to works written over papyrus, camel bones, the smallest and biggest book formats, pictures of famous artists and also a Quran from 17th century and old manuscripts of Attar Neishaburi and Nizami Ganjavi divans. Also, there is a very ancient Iranian carpet in the Belarus over which the poems of Maksim Bahdanovič, the famous Belarus poet, have been woven. It indicates that the two countries have had mutual ties since ancient times.


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