“Thinking Library” Call for Help


The Thinking Library (in Farsi: Ketabkhane Tafakkor) locating in Shahriar (Tehran Province) was set in fire and annihilated and its books and equipments were destroyed on November 2019. Performing under supervision of Iran Libraries Foundation, this library failed to continue its activities. Through publishing a call-for-help, this organization asked all people and book lovers to help it in reconstructing this library. Here some items that can be helped are listed:

– Helping to reconstructing library in terms of constructional considerations;
– Collecting the donated books through all public libraries of the country;
– Supplying equipments including shelves, chairs, desks, etc;
– Cash aids.

More than 10000 books and cash aids have been given to this library and various campaigns across the entire country have been launched to reconstruct this library.

There are more than 3000 public libraries in Iran. Under Iran’s law, the Iran public libraries Foundation, which is a non-governmental entity, is responsible for the task of establishing, constructing, equipping, developing, managing, and monitoring the public libraries across the country.


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