Iran in the Frankfurt Book Fair


Like past years, the national booth of Islamic Republic of Iran was held in the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2019.

1494 books on Iranology, contemporary and classic fiction, arts, Islamology, children and young adults, academic, Islamic Republic and the Sacred Defense (Iran-Iraq War) were presented in this fair, besides books presented in this booth, brochures about introducing Tehran International Book, Iran’s cultural fairs institute, Iranian publishers and participants in the Iran National booth and Grant Plot (the supporting plot for translation and publishing Iranian books) in 12 languages and also a CD containing data about books presented in the booth for selling copy right and introducing the World Award for Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran were distributed among interested people.

Unveiling translations of 14 Iranian books in Turkish (Grant Plot), unveiling Hafiz Diwan, Islam Belongs to Germany, 250-year-old Human Being, Cultural Heritage of Yazd in German, holding a meeting about recording the historical texture of Yazd City in UNESCO, unveiling Yazd’s calendar in 2020, unveiling the audio version of 50 Ghazal of Hafiz in both Persian and Hungarian languages, unveiling Yazd’s picture book and Jászberény, Yazd’s sister in law in Hungary, unveiling Kheradnaameh Farsi (introducing seven Persian Language poets), holding a special day for children literature, holding a meeting about illustrating children books in Europe, holding a meeting about Germany’s children libraries and “backpack” and “white raven” awards, holding a special day for Hafiz and Goethe along with speech of Thomas Ogger (Former professor of Iranology in Berlin University) on the occasion of 200th anniversary of publishing Goethe’s West-östlicher Diwan and unveiling General Bibi Maryam Bakhtiyari translated in English were among activities of this Iranian booth.

Visiting Juergen Boos, Director of Frankfurt Book Fair, and deputy of Frankfurt Book Faor, Donna Chai, Managing Director of Shanghai Children Book Fair, Jessica Sänger, the Legal Counsel and deputy director of the Legal Department of Germany’s Publishers and Booksellers Association, director of New Delhi Book Fair, Secretary General of the World Publishers, Grant Plot officials of Turkey (TEDA), the plot for supporting translation and publishing Turkish books in other countries, deputy of Beijing Book Fair, Oliver Zille, Leipzig Book Fair director, the delegation of Azerbaijan Republic, Pazzoli, director of Bologna Book Fair, were among visits made in Iranian booth with other cultural officials and authorities from other countries.

Likewise the draft of a MOU between Tehran and Baku book fairs was prepared which was signed in the Frankfurt Book Fair. Oliver Zille, Leipzig Book Fair director, visited Iran’s national booth and said, “All of people who have visited Tehran International Book Fair recall it happily. Iran is a country with great history and civilization.” He formally invited Iran to participate in Leipzig Book Fair and stated that he is very interested to participate in Tehran International Book Fair. He also said “Iran National booth where wind towers of Yazd City have been installed is very admirable and attractive.”

In this meeting, Ghader Ashena, surrogate of director of Tehran International Book Fair, introduced Tehran International Book Fair and Iranian Publishing capacities and said, “We are ready to use mutual publishing capacities and experiences.”

He also invited Oliver Zille, Leipzig Book Fair director to participate in Tehran International Book Fair and said, “We hope you come to Iran and see the realities precisely in order to be able to take effective steps to extend our mutual ties and relations.”


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