The first specialized news agency in the area of library and information science that publishes the related news in written form, sound as well as video. LISNA is an independent news agency that has started its career since March 2, 2001. The mission of LISNA is to familiarize the public with the services that libraries and librarians provide. In addition, it tries to communicate news regarding the libraries, books, and information science from Iran and other countries. Another mission of LISNA is to make the authorities hear the voice of librarians. The audiences of LISNA consist of a vast variety of librarians, book readers, publishers, as well as experts in the area. Being published on lisna.ir, the news agency has been able to establish an appropriate interaction among its target society. It also has made a network among the specialists in the field of information. During its activity period, LISNA has been able to act as an interactive base for knowledge promotion and through providing news and interpretations it has enhanced the vision of the experts of the area. Have a look: www.lisna.ir



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