Standardization Department in NLAI


Attending by the president of Iranian National Standards Organization and Director of National Library and Archives of Iran, the inaugural ceremony for opening the standardization department was held in the NLAI building on January 2020.

The standardization department was established in the Research Center of NLAI based on the Act of Strengthening and Developing the Standard System and in accordance with the approvals of Supreme Council of Standard of Iran. Accordingly all of ministries and public institutions and public non-governmental organizations and governmental companies of Iran are obliged to launch the standardization departments. In this ceremony, Nayereh Piroozbakht, Head of Iranian National Standard Organization, said, “Documents and archives are amongst the historical memory of each country, so it is necessary to keep them safe and secure, because history and credibility of our land is hidden in such treasures.”

Pointing to destruction of cultural and historical monuments and archives in various times, especially during wars, she said that it is necessary to maintain these precious things according to the predefined standards in order to be able to keep them safe and secure for the next generations. Pointing to 230 national standards on archives and documents, she said, “There are certain cooperation with the technical organizations and committees of ISO in the international field and Iran has been ranked 21st in the field of ISO in the world, whereas its status in Asia is third along with South Korea, as Japan and China are first and second ranks in this ranking.” Speaking to this ceremony Boroujerdi, Director of NLAI, referred to the importance of keeping the current heritage and precious books in this organization and said, “It is necessary to struggle to keep and maintain these precious works with the assistance of Iranian National Standards Organization, because standards which are defined by the Iranian National Standards Organization have been recognized in the world and this organization is the best source to direct qualification in this regard.”

“Given recognition and criteria for keeping and maintain and producing resources and repairing both visual and auditory resources, there is a proper capacity in the NLAI, especially in the field of visual and auditory resources; because UNESCO has a plot useful for preventing destruction of visual and auditory resources, so we can take advantage of certain standards and our colleagues in the archives research center have their own sensitivities; because NLAI recruits professional experts to launch standards and we hope that everything in Iran would be defined based on the international standards in future, so our next generation would use these resources safely” Boroujerdi said.


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