Post Support During the Corona Crisis


The “Book Post” system has been launched by the Book House in cooperation with the Post Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to provide cheap postal services to publishers, booksellers, and activists in the field of book publishing.

Membership in this system is free of charge and postal services are offered at a special discount.

In this plan, which was created in order to provide equitable access to books for all citizens and enriching the days of unwanted stay at home due to the threat of the coronavirus, by March 2020, 450 activists in the field of books and publishing, including publishers, bookstores and online stores had signed up, but this number has reached 811 members.

In the plan “Crossing the Corona with Books”, which was implemented by the Book Post system, 53,962 packages (92%) belonged to cities, and 4,500 packages (8%) belonged to villages. In addition, the highest amount of book sending in this plan belonged to Tehran, Qom, and Khorasan Razavi and most of the book recipients were in the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, and Fars.

Mohammad Ahmadi, Technical and Commercial Vice President of the National Iranian Post Company, at the unveiling ceremony of the Post Book Internet system, mentioned, “Today we are witnessing an effective action in the direction of cultural development as an effective factor in developing the country and providing cheap postal services to publishers, booksellers, and book publishing activities.”

It is worth mentioning that the steps of membership, registration, and receiving the postal panel are described in the Book House system at


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