Ambassador of Tajikistan in NLAI


Nizamuddin Shamsuddin Zadeh Zahedi, Ambassador of Tajikistan to Tehran, visited the Archives Organization and National Library of Iran and met with Dr. Ashraf Boroujerdi, Head of the National Library and Archives Organization of Iran.

Boroujerdi, at the beginning of the meeting, pointed out that it was necessary to improve the mutual cultural relations more than before with the cooperation of the representatives of Iran and Tajikistan and this should be considered as an important issue in the field of books and librarianship as well. She noted the launch of the “ECO site” in Tajikistan with the participation of 10 ECO member states, adding that this had positive effects on the countries’ motivation to promote common cultural affairs. She considered this meeting important from the two aspects of science and knowledge, which are very effective in raising the level of public awareness, as well as the library development (activities related to common documents).

Referring to the audio-visual resources available at the National Library and Archives of Iran, Boroujerdi added that sharing such resources with their counterparts in Tajikistan could be fruitful.


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