COVID-19 Visualizer system


The Covid-19 Visualizer system, which provides access to the latest scientific findings as well as analytical information and statistics on the coronavirus, was launched by the ISC.

“The ISC COVID-19 Visualizer is a system set up by the ISC that provides instant information about coronavirus 2019, including statistics and information on patients, statistical reports, and scientific papers,” said Dehghani, head of the ISC.  This system aims to accelerate the process of information about new scientific findings about this disease and to assist researchers, health policymakers, and the public to respond appropriately to this global epidemic. The information in this database, which includes statistics on the spread of the disease sorted by the country and the latest scientific articles, are daily updated.

The system has a global map of the prevalence of COVID-19 disease, which can be searched to find the latest statistics on morbidity, mortality, treatment, and the ratio of patients relative to the overall population in each country. Access to this system is available at:

Dehghani added, “Currently, in this system, more than 18000 documents of the latest scientific findings about the COVID-19 virus in the form of full-text articles are available to researchers and scholars, and of course the information is daily updated.


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