Iran’s Flag on the NLB


On April 2, at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, an event in support of the states that are currently most severely affected by COVID-19 infection was launched on the outdoor electronic light board of the National Library of Belarus. A graphic image in support of the efforts being put into the fight against the virus will be displayed on the Library until April 8. It depicts the flags of the USA, Italy, Spain, China, Germany, France, Iran, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, as well as the flag of Belarus as a sign of solidarity and sympathy.

The image is accompanied by the symbolic appeal “Stay Strong! Together we will win!” in the Belarusian language and the official languages of the countries mentioned. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that only through joint efforts of the entire international community we will overcome this challenge.

Solidarity and consolidated efforts are of particular importance. And our symbolic call “Stay Strong! Together we will win!” will touch the hearts of our compatriots and foreign partners.


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