NLAI & Azerbaijan


On May 10, 2020, Broujerdi, head of the National Archives and the National Library of Iran, met with Bunyad Huseynov, Azerbaijani Ambassador. In this meeting, referring to the corona pandemic situation, Broujerdi stressed the importance of studying historical documents and records of the epidemics in the past Iran faced with and said, “A committee has been set up to compile the experiences related to coronavirus disease in which all information on the social, economic, political and cultural sectors of the country should be uploaded including the mental and medical complications of coronavirus disease, which must be collected with the help of the Iranian Medical System Organization, so that it can be used for the future and to transfer the experiences.

” Referring to the memorandums of understanding between the National Library of Azerbaijan and the NLAI, Broujerdi stressed the possibility of scientific exchange between scientists and experts of the two countries.

She also stressed the digital services during Corona times. Referring to the merger of the National Archives and National Library in Iran, the Azerbaijani ambassador said that this had not happened in Azerbaijan and that these two institutions were separated under governmental organs. He also referred to the possibility of NLAI cooperation with the Baku State University in the field of Oriental Studies and added that in this university Persian was also taught. Huseynov also described Iran’s activities in the field of oral history as a valuable experience saying, “I believe that the memories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be of valuable works for the future because complex negotiation with six countries of the world is not easy and this art of negotiation should be included in Iranian textbooks.


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