Rank A for ILISA: 6th consecutive year


The Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA) is a non-governmental organization, which is represented by the library and information society and its related institutions and processes.

The first professional association of librarians in Iran was established in 1965. The association mainly aims to promote the position of librarianship and information in society and to provide a suitable space for the scientific and professional development of librarians, informants, and those involved in this field in the country. The first evaluation period of scientific associations began in 2007.

All scientific associations in various specialized fields, which have received their license from the Commission of Iranian Scientific Associations, can be evaluated in the index compiled by the Commission of Iranian Scientific Associations. Iranian Library and Information Science Association in the last evaluation of the scientific associations’ performance of the Ministry of Science in 2018, scoring 1066 out of 1500, attained the A rank for the sixth consecutive year. Based on ministry of science, research technology more than 2900 scientific associations are active in Iran.


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