Iranian winner of ASIS&T Award


Head of the International Affairs Committee of the Iranian Library and Information Association, the winner of ASIS&T, 2020 InfoShare awards, was also selected as one of the seven members of the Special Interest Group for International Information Issues (SIG-III). These goals can be achieved through the publication of a specialized journal, workshops, seminars, and information consultations by ASIS&T professors.

” Fatemeh Pazooki said. “This international association has different working groups on various issues. Unfortunately, due to both the thematic scope and the high cost of membership, the members of this association are often from developed countries. So a few years ago, the international section of the association offered an award called Infoshare for developing countries. Hence, 7 to 9 professionals from developing countries will be selected and their professional and verified educational activities will be supported materially and spiritually by ASIS&T.

” She added although due to banking constraints, money transfers was difficult, it was hoped that with this cooperation, Iranian professionals would be able to get the most out of the services and facilities of this specialized association and also to assist in developing knowledge and putting it into practice in their profession. She invited those interested in participating in international interaction to cantact her via Email


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