The NLAI Director & Australian Ambassador


NLAI director, during her meeting with the Australian Ambassador to Iran, on July 27 emphasized the cooperation between the NLAI and the National Library of Australia (NLA). Referring to the NLAI’s relationship with different countries and the exchange of information, the NLAI President said that one of the NLAI’s approaches was to communicate with foreign countries and create exhibition spaces for the supply of books and manuscripts with other countries.

In manuscript restoration, to prevent damage, they had set up workshops where people from different countries could participate and learn how to restore the works. Sachs said that the NLA has valuable resources and that IFLA President, Christine Mackenzie, is also an Australian.

She hoped they could have a unique desk and library at NLAI in Australian literature and resources and pave the way for more cultural collaboration. The head of the NLAI said, “The mission of the NLAI is to develop culture and create a ground for recognizing cultures, and libraries are inherently involved in the development of culture. Therefore, we believe that through cultural development, cultural diplomacy can be developed, and the basis in national libraries should be to create a space for dialogue and mutual understanding.”


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