ILISA & The Tragic Explosion in Beirut


Khosravi, president of the Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA), in a letter to Abdallah, president of the Lebanese Library Association (LLA), expressed his regret and sympathy for the tragic explosion damaged valuable collections, libraries, and librarians. He declared the ILISA’s support, solidity, and readiness for any possible help in restoring the damaged libraries. The text of the letter and the response of Fawz Abdallah are as follows.


Dear Fawz Abdallah,

President of the Lebanese Library

Association (LLA)

Our thoughts are with the people of Beirut and with Lebanese communities the world over. We stand in solidarity with our Lebanese librarians as the long road towards recovery begins.

Amongst the vast extent of destruction caused by the explosions, Iranian Library and Information Association (ILISA) is aware of libraries that have suffered various levels of damage throughout the city. These include the National Library of Lebanon, as well as multiple branches of the Beirut Municipal Library system. This is in addition to the damage being recorded at other cultural institutions, museums, and heritage sites.

However, in the wake of this disaster, there is also an urgent need to assess damage to libraries. The spaces that libraries can provide and Lebanon’s cultural heritage, and the city of Beirut that they safeguard will play an essential role in restoring the city’s spirit. Together, these have an important role in bringing communities back together, rebuilding and re-establishing normal life in these most difficult times.

The ILISA expresses its immensely sympathy and presents readiness for any help and cooperation in rebuilt Beirut libraries.

Fariborz Khosravi

President of the Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA)


Dear Fariborz Khosravi

President of the Iranian Library and

Information Association

First, allow me to thank you for your kind words.

Your support is greatly appreciated because numerous libraries and archives with heritage collections were damaged and their collections in danger. We have asked each institution to prepare its Needs Assessment Report to identify the needs.

The Lebanese Library Association (LLA) is currently working with Blue Shield Lebanon on a Damage Assessment Report. Another assessment related to the collection will also be carried out soon.

Once we have all the necessary data, we will launch our call of donations and assistance. We will reach out to all our generous colleagues and supporters.

I have copied Ms. Randa Chidiac, LLA Vice President because she is coordinating with the national and international institutions.

Thank you kindly.


Fawz Abdallah, LLA President


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