Greece and Iran in UNESCO’s MOW


On July 13, 2020, Zamani Advisor to Director of the NLAI, in a meeting with Nik-khah Qomi, Iran’s new cultural advisor in Greece, said, “So far, more than 50 written works in the field of documentary heritage have been nationally registered; More than ten works in the world have been registered worldwide; several important works have been jointly and regionally registered in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program; under such circumstances, if there are valuable Persian manuscripts in Greece, it may be jointly registered in the UNESCO’s MOW”

The meeting focused on developing science, knowledge, culture, and the expansion of library activities based on a joint effort to deepen equal cooperation in the Library and archival fields. Zamani said that Greece is the cradle of thought in the modern world and the West; it could be expected that there might be works in Shiism and Islam in that country.

 He continued that previously, there had been a memorandum of understanding for cooperation between Iran and Greece, which already expired. However, they tried to extend this memorandum as the historical documents in Greece are of particular importance; the documents include correspondence, travelogues, commercial, political, and cultural contracts. “we are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic; it would be possible for exhibitions of joint Iranian-Greek documents to be virtually held with the cooperation of the two countries.” Zamani said. He added NLAI is one of the top national libraries in the world. Given the widespread outbreak of Coronavirus, we are trying to provide services to Iranians worldwide, as its motto is National Library is at every Iranian’s Home.

Nik-khah Qomi also welcomed the NLAI’s cooperation to sign a memorandum of collaboration with the NLG and said that those valuable resources could be provided to our compatriots through the application with the cooperation of the NLAI.


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