Management Training Program for Public Libraries


On 18 June 2018, Iran Public Libraries Foundation (IPLF) kicked off a training program titled “Management of Solo-Librarian Libraries” in Tehran. The program, attended by librarians, library managers, and experts in the fields of library development and cultural and human resource, aimed at introducing the concept of ‘solo-librarian library’, discussing the current challenges, and exploring possible solutions. Judith Siess, the well-known international expert on one-person librarianship, sent a congratulatory message to the opening session of the training program. In her message, she underpinned the importance of one-person libraries, and noted: “It is clear that to remain part of the information mainstream, we must change our roles and become information and knowledge leaders, facilitators, mediators, and advisors. No longer will it be enough to be passive information providers; we will have to take a proactive role in promoting information services and the importance of our role in the process.”


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