Expansion of Academic Cooperation with the Kyrgyz University


In a recent visit to Bishkek, Mr. Yahya Jahangiri, Deputy for International Affairs of the University of Religions and Denominations, Tehran, discussed expansion of liaison and academic cooperation between Iranian and Kyrgyz universities. In the course of the visit, coordinated by the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bishkek, Mr. Jahangiri, accompanied by the Iranian Cultural Counselor, met with Mr. Rahmanov, President of Arabayev University, and exchanged views on various aspects of academic and scientific cooperation between the two universities. In the meeting, Mr. Jahangiri presented a brief overall report of the activities of the Iranian University, and expressed willingness to engage in further exchange of views to conclude an agreement on areas of cooperation between the two Universities before the end of the year.

President of the Arbayev University also expressed similar willingness, including in such areas as exchange of students’ publication of essays and articles in each other’s scientific journals, and holding joint workshops and specialized meetings. Given the experience of the existing understanding agreement between the AlZahra University of Iran and the Arabayev University, both sides emphasized interest in the promotion of joint cooperation, including in the field of theology.


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