The 80th anniversary of establishment of the National Library of Iran was held where Is’haq Jahangiri, First vice President of Iran, Ashraf Broujerdi, Head of National Library and a group of high-ranking Directors, ambassadors and cultural attaches on February 26, 2017.
In addition to the speeches, new library services were unveiled. New web launched on the manuscripts (in three phases: collecting books, collecting Persian books around the world, and the aggregation of writings and works produced by Persian speaking writers), unveiling a lot of manuscripts purchased by Mohadeth Qomi, and a commemorative stamp was issued to mark the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the National Library by the vice president of Iran.
The special guest of the celebration was IFLA President Gloria Pérez-Salmerón was invited by the Director of the National Library and Archives of Iran, Ashraf Boroujerdi, to take part in the Opening Ceremony of the conference marking the 80th anniversary of establishment of NLAI. It was the first time that IFLA President traveled to Iran which led to much enthusiasm in Iranian library society.
In the next issue of the iBulletin (IFLA special issue), we will specifically address the presence of IFLA President and her visits to the library community in Iran. Stay with us!


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