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Maryam Hasanzadeh | Over the past fifty years, IFLA has generated a wide range of standards and guidelines for every field of librarianship and information science services. These publications could be used as a means of establishing scientific and professional communication in all fields of librarianship and information sciences. This section presents a short catalogue of IFLA publications in Persian. The collection of articles presented at IFLA’s annual congress, once compiled and uploaded in its library, is among the most popular IFLA resources in Iran. These articles are catalogued at NLAI, and the articles selected by different departments according to the relevance of the subject matter and need, are translated into Persian.
Another widely used resource in Iran is the collection of IFLA standards and guidelines. Their use dates back to year 1960 when IFLA first published its standards for public libraries. The recent 2nd revised edition of IFLA Public Library Services Guidelines (edited by Christie Koontz and Barbara Gubbin) has also been translated into Persian.
And also many other IFLA standards and guidelines as follow:
Standards of public libraries, standards of prison libraries, services provided by public libraries, IFLA/UNESCO guidelines for development, IFLA guidelines for mobile libraries, IFLA guidelines: public library services for infants, children and adolescents, novel research in information sciences, IFLA principles for conservation and maintenance of library materials, beyond national borders: the international aspect of changes in librarianship education in a changing world, IFLA guidelines for services of digital authorities, IFLA/UNESCO library atatement.


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