Iranian Presentations in IFLA WLIC (Past Years)


Sakineh Ghasempour | Iranian researchers and librarians have a long-established record in active participation in international activities in the field of library sciences, even before IFLA was established under the current title.
Iran was one of the 17 countries attending the conference held in Washington, D.C many years ago in collaboration with American Library Association.
Part of the Iranian activity in the IFLA annual conference manifests itself in the presentation of research papers and essays prepared by Iranian librarians, academics and experts, some authored individually, and some collectively by more than one author. And as it happens, as per practice, also with due consideration for the financial implications involved for authors attending the conference in personal capacity, one of the authors of a joint paper presents it. For instance:
HEIDARI, Azadeh and KHAKPOUR, Ali (2013) Practical experiences of resource sharing activities in the Islamic Consultative Assembly Library (ICAL). Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2013 – Singapore – Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities. in Session 187 – Library and Research Services for Parliaments.
BOOZARI, Ali and MASHHADI RAFI, Ali (2013) Data entry worksheet: Preserving images and decorations of Persian manuscripts and lithographed books. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2013 – Singapore – Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities. in Session 202 – Art Libraries with Rare Books and Manuscripts.
JAHANI YEKTA, Mohammad Mahdi (2013) Library strategies for literacy improvement of women in the Asia Oceania Region. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2013 – Singapore – Future Libraries: Infinite Session 189 – Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group.
@Attachment 3 contains the list of article submitted by Iranian researchers to IFLA during the past five years (from 2013 onwards) – many of whom have been accepted for presentation.
Considering the quite serious and strong interest among Iranian librarians and experts in the field to continue active participation in IFLA activities, there appears to be an actual need for exploring new ways and means to support and facilitate such a research-based participation.
The National Library and Archives of Iran has endeavored to make its contribution in this regard, which needs to be supported by a more creative utilization of the available support funds, procedures and mechanisms under IFLA.
This was in fact one of the issues discussed earlier in the year with Gloria Pérez-Salmerón, IFLA President, in the course of her five-day visit to Iran.
Further specific exchange of views between the two sides, especially in the course of the 2018 IFLA Conference, could hopefully lead to some facilitative practical measures in this regard.


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